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Shutterstock is a global stock photo agency that contains over 60 million creative files. It offers high quality, royalty-free images to suit whatever creative projects you have. With flexible pricing, you will surely find a subscription plan that will suit your creative needs and budget. Moreover, Shutterstock coupons are available for you to enjoy amazing royalty-free images with further reductions.

Yes, by registering to the website, you can browse through the entire collection and create lightboxes to organize your images. Create an account and enjoy four benefits:

  • Over 60 million creative files
  • Over 40,000 images added every day
  • Images from 100 different countries
  • Affordable pricing per image or per month

shutterstock-logoAs long as you agree to the website’s terms, privacy policy and licensing terms, you can access loads of high quality images to complement your blogs, websites and ad campaigns. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and enjoy the four main benefits and more.

Shutterstock Subscription Plans


What subscription plan do you think is perfect for your creative needs? Shutterstock offers various subscription plans that suit any budget. Whether you need a single photo or multiple of photos, you will surely find a subscription plan that with match your creative needs and, of course, your budget – no matter how big or small.

  • Standard License offers the best value for your money. It has two types: basic and professionals. The Basic license lets you download images anytime within a year, including JPEG and Vector images. The Professional license lets you download 750 images per month. You have the option to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  • Enhanced License lets you download images anytime for up to one year, including TIFF images. This license gives you unlimited runs for high viewership commercial uses and merchandising purposes.
  • Small Team Plan is the perfect solution if you need a subscription plan for a small team. Shutterstock offers simultaneous access for up to 10 members under one plan. It licenses up to 35 images in one day, which is a total of 1,050 images in a month.
  • Shutterstock Premier allows unlimited number of users to access images. It offers unlimited, un-watermarked files, invoicing and research assistance. Say hello to worry-free licensing and full indemnification.

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Easy Blogging: My Experience with Adobe Stock

Being a blogger is both easy and difficult. I started blogging five years ago and I thought that all that matters is content. For a while, I believed that pictures are only for children. However, that is not entirely true. Majority of readers still look for the occasional images to build up the core message. Fortunately, I realize this important fact long before my blogs become neglected for its bareness.

Blog Word On Computer Shows Blogger Website

My Previous Experience

I have been using a different stock photo agency for a long time. I am a picky person so I always take time to edit my pictures before I upload them on my blog. I always make sure that the pictures suit my theme so my page will look attractive. Using my photo-editing software from Creative Cloud, I take time to modify the pictures. It can be very time-consuming though. I need to browse the stock photo website for the right picture, download it to my computer and send it to my photo-editing app.

For someone with blogging as a hobby, it can pretty much take a lot of my time. I also work as nurse at a local clinic. Although I can be very busy at times, I can’t give up blogging as it is my stress-reliever. For some, shopping works. For me, I enjoy blogging. I love expressing my ideas and getting people to comment on them. But, I can’t do that without gaining readers. Thankfully, I can capture their attention with images.

Thanks to Adobe Stock

You may think that everything is going well with my blogging. I thought so too. But when I tried using Adobe Stock, I did not know that it can be easier. It is integrated with Illustrator CC, which makes photo-editing stress-free. Now, I do not have to save my downloaded pictures to my computer. They are easily sent to my Creative Cloud library for easy access. Finding the perfect picture does not take time as well. Now, I get more time to make my core message better and modify my pictures to the best quality. Thanks to Adobe Stock, I also get to spend some extra time with my friends and family.

I hope that my Adobe Stock review can help you with your website. Whether you are running a blog or a business, or simply using cheap stock photos for your school project, Adobe’s stock image site will surely help you achieve your creative objectives.

be a creative cloud member


Are you also getting your royalty-free, high quality images from a stock photo agency? What website are you using? Adobe Stock has a number of benefits. The best of all is its integration with Creative Cloud, which provides many advantages such as direct link to the software. The website also offers discounted subscription plans to Creative Cloud members.